Wish List

(last update: July, 2015)

Always:    Prayers!

Health/Safety: Fun Bandaids 
                         Cotton balls
                         Helmets for the riding toys

Craft Time:     Tissue paper (wrapping)
                         Paper plates
                         Colored masking tape
                         Cupcake liners
                         Packing peanuts

Needed Toys: Preschool appropriate (Age 2-5) action figures
                         Big Wheel riding toy
                         toy fire trucks
                         toy farm (with barn&animals)

Sensory Play/Teaching:    
                         Plastic strainers & funnels
                         Plasic measuring cups with handles
                         Pool noodles
                         Music CD's of children songs (for both rest time and for playtimes)
                         Small items suitable for our letter and color boxes 
                                  (ex. little action figures, small plastic items, pictures)

Organization: Papertowel dispenser for countertop/tabletops
                         Clothes pins

Outdoor Play: Someone willing to help put up a sunshade over the Sandbox
                         Someone willing to help set up log seating