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Service Schedule

Sunday mornings

  • Sunday School 9:00AM

  • Worship 10:00AM

Sunday evenings

  • Worship 6:00PM

Wednesday evenings

  • Worship & Bible Study 6:30PM

First Time Visitors

First and foremost, let us tell you that you are always welcome at Goodlettsville!  We know visiting a church can be a little intimidating. We’ve tried to address most people’s concerns below - Goodlettsville is far from a perfect church.  We really do think of ourselves in terms of family.  We have "stuff" just like the rest of humanity, the only difference is that we depend on Christ and each other in the midst of it, knowing that Jesus makes us perfect in the eyes of God.

welcome center

As you enter the main entrance from the parking lot, feel free to stop by the welcome center desk in the front lobby.  One of our members will be there to greet you and offer help with directions or the answering of any questions that you may have.  The welcome center is also stocked with information that describes the work and activities of Goodlettsville Church of Christ members and missions points.


We value your children very much at Goodlettsville.  We are not inconvenienced by children at all, no matter what the issue.  For the parents of infants through toddlers, we have a fully staffed nursery that provides care during the entire worship service.  Children are welcome in the auditorium but if a problem should arise, a nursery is available with changing facilities. The room is also equipped with a T.V. monitor where parents can watch and listen to the worship service if they choose to stay with their child.


We do not have a dress code. Some people dress up, some come casual. Dress for comfort exercising sensible modesty.


Sit anywhere you like; there are no assigned seats.


We do pass collection plates, but these are for our members.  You have no obligation to give so do not feel pressure about it.  At the end of the service, our ushers collect both members attendance cards and visitors cards.  We would very much appreciate you filling out one of the blue visitors cards and pass it to the center aisle


 Sunday Morning Service

the place

We worship in a room referred to as the auditorium.  There are no reserved seats.  Currently, you can expect between 250 to 300 of us meeting with you.  There are restrooms at the back of the auditorium (which faces Dickerson Road) to your right.  For the convenience of adults with children who need special attention, there is a "nursery"


We love to sing! We sing songs of glory and honor to God and His Son Jesus Christ, and songs of encouragement to each other. We are currently using the songbook titled Songs For Worship And Praise. This book contains many favorite songs as well as newer songs. We use a projection screen to display all of the words and music.  If you have trouble seeing the screen, the songbooks are in the racks where you sit. Feel free to use them. You are welcome to join in the song service with us or just sit back and listen.


We, as a church, believe in the power of prayer and we pray for specific needs and requests of your members and guest.  We will have several public prayers during our service, led by men.  Again, you will not be required or asked to do anything.

Lord’s supper/Communion

We observe this memorial every Sunday.  The Lord's Supper is a way of remembering the sacrifice Jesus has made on our behalf.  During this time, plates containing pieces of unleavened bread will be passed throughout the congregation. The bread symbolizes the body of Jesus. Each participant will break off a piece of the bread and eat it; spending a moment remembering Jesus. They will also pass trays filled with small cups. The cups will contain grape juice, symbolizing the blood of Jesus, and participants spend meditative time remembering that our sins have been forgiven. Once again, with the exception of passing the tray as it comes down your row, you are not required to participate. At some time, you may want more explanation concerning the Lords Supper. At the conclusion of our 6pm service, the Lord's Supper is available for those who were unable to take it in the morning. During the closing song there will be men available to show you where to go for you to be able to take the Lord's Supper. 


We have a time after the communion that is dedicated to teaching and preaching. Diving into the Word together encourages us to become more like Jesus every day, and helps unpack the inspired meaning of His text. Typically this lesson is guided by our on staff pulpit minister, and occasionally we have special services or guest speakers.

invitation to respond

Inviting worshipers to take their "next step" towards Jesus is a part of every service. Don't feel ill-at-ease during the invitation; you will not be singled out in any way. At the close of the lesson, the speaker will encourage those who wish to respond publicly to come to the front of the auditorium while the congregation sings.  This is completely voluntary.  Some may respond for baptism, some to confess sins, some to ask for prayer for a specific need or to share some special gratitude or praise.  Some may come to say they want to join this church family.  If anyone responds for baptism, you will get to witness the baptism during the service.

Bible Classes

Before the Sunday morning service, we have Bible classes for every age group.  Our class time starts at 9:00 and ends approximately at 9:45. The worship service starts at 10:00 and ends at 11:00.  Please visit our Bible Classes page for more information and class locations. We also have classes on Sunday night for various ages as well as a Ladies Bible Class that meets at 10am on Thursday mornings.

Sunday Evening Service

Our evening service begins at 6:00 and meets in the Multipurpose Room.  This service lasts for one hour.  This is an excellent time to become better acquainted with the folks at Goodlettsville.  We have a class on Sunday evenings for 3rd grade and up that meets in room 19. Bible Hour is also available in room 6 for ages 1-8 for the entire worship hour. We also have classes that periodically meet throughout the building that are discussion based. (Classes other than the youth class will be in the MPR until a future date.)

Wednesday Evening Service

This service begins around 6:30 and lasts about 15 minutes, afterwards we offer Bible classes for all ages. They begin 6:45 and end at 7:30.  See our Bible classes page for more information and class locations. We offer a mid-week devotional service that takes place in the auditorium.