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Church Art Center

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Art shapes faith and faith shapes art at Church Art Center and the Community. We are a combination church and arts center that makes space for the creative exploration that artists crave -- and the church needs.

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Our Story

Church Art Center and the Community is a group of people who not only value creativity, we see it as inseparable from spirituality. We believe that imagination, creativity and the arts are spiritual matters and their cultivation is of benefit to the church, the local community and the world.

The environment is eclectic. Some members have an extensive background in the arts; others may never have considered themselves artistic but appreciate the freedom of expression that comes with the church’s inclusive community style of art creations. 

Meet The ARTS

Interested in Joining the Team?

God Has Invited Us To Join Him In Making Something Of The World. Love, Serve, And Give. Organize Or Volunteer At An Outreach Event. Use Your Unique Gifts To Help Others.

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